KAMP : FPS1.0.010

KAMP : FPS v1.0.010

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KAMP : FPS 1.0.010
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Play by yourself or as a team in various fast-paced game modes.

[Game Features]
▶ These heroes are bursting with personality!
- Play as heroes with distinctive looks and skills.
- Use each character’s unique skill set for aggressive defensive or strategic plays.

▶ Skills and weapons galore!
- Arm yourself with all kinds of weapons including rifles shotguns SMGs and more!
- Equip various combat skills including bombs drones frost shells and guided missiles.
- Weapons and skills can be changed whenever but characters hold onto their unique skill.
- Upgrade your skills and weapons to become a stronger hero.

▶ Action-packed game modes
- Star Grab: The team that loads the most stars onto the rocket within the time limit wins!
- Battle Royale: Last man standing wins. Beware the shrinking battlefield!
- Crown: Collect stars to become the King and survive until the end to win!
- Big Boss: Deal the most damage to the Boss within the time limit to win!

▶ Real-time PVP Battles
- Match against other players in real-time and fight to the death!
- Use strategic gameplay in this 3rd person action-packed shooter.

- Very simple easy to use controls with a low learning curve.
- Offers auto firing mode for beginners and manual firing mode for players with quick fingers.

Clan System
- Join a clan and become the best of the best!
- Receive various benefits including clan buffs clan mission rewards and more.
- Fight for honor with your fellow clan members in Clan Battles.

KAMP! No better way to relieve all that stress!  

Official Community: https://www.facebook.com/fpsgamekamp

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A casual shooter game that anyone can easily enjoy. Become a battlefield hero now!

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