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CallHippo – A Revolutionary Virtual Phone System Service Provider

CallHippo is an on demand virtual phone number service provider – it is definitely the best in its domain business and has a steadily rising base of loyal customers worldwide. If you have a startup or a small business your organization can harness the immense power of VoIp/DID Virtual Phone numbers by taking advantage of CallHippo’s diverse and affordable packages.
Cloud-based phone systems are definitely the suture of communication technology – CallHippo is the ideal platform to provide your company with Virtual (VoIP/DID) phone numbers so that you can enjoy seamless connectivity and better business communication processes. It is possible to get instant local Virtual phone number support in 190+ countries and expand your business operations in a smooth manner as CallHippo will ensure your business remains accessible all the time!

CallHippo is also a reliable service provider to invest in toll-free Virtual phone numbers and this will help any small business make an impact in a foreign land. Your customers can get in touch through a cloud-based toll-free virtual phone system round the clock and clarify any queries issues or complaints – this makes sure to keep your valued clients delighted with your superior service levels and dedicated support!

Many companies have invested in US phone numbers to expand and facilitate business operations in the United States with success. Similarly even in the United Kingdom region many organizations have harnessed UK virtual phone numbers to form a strong customer rapport and client base.

A robust architecture array of exciting virtual phone numbers and an easy interface make CallHippo a popular choice across new business firms across a spectrum of diverse industries. It employs the technologically advanced cloud computing to the world of VoIP/DID virtual phone numbers – making sure there is apex sound quality at cost-effective prices. So all your company needs is a working internet connection and your local phone number can be set up within three minutes!

CallHippo’s New Virtual Phone Android App

CallHippo’s virtual phone numbers android app is a real lifesaver and can bring about an era of flexibility at your workplace. Your virtual phone numbers can be accessed through a mobile phone tablet computer or laptop – making sure that you get complete business functionality across a number of devices.

Here are some reasons why your company needs to get CallHippo’s dynamic new virtual phone numbers app for your organization right now:
•Your managers and team members will be able to handle communication through their virtual phone numbers at all times.
•Your organization will save massive amounts on phone bills as all your international and national calling can be done through affordable price plans.
•CallHippo’s virtual phone numbers app will make business calling convenient and flexible – you can keep track of all your call records instantly.
•All the various dynamic facilities and features of your toll-free virtual phone number can be accessed through the new CallHippo android virtual phone app.

CallHippo’s virtual phone app can be installed easily on a range of devices and helps you to manage your cloud-based phone system with extreme comfort and ease. CallHippo provides its android virtual phone app absolutely free to CallHippo users – there are no expensive hidden charges and also no advertisements.

You can now make calls via CallHippo directly from the Contacts app on your phone.
Toll-free phone numbers make sure that your customers receive an exceptional service experience and remain bonded to your organization for lifetime! So make sure to get the CallHippo android virtual phone app right now – it will definitely go a long way in simplifying your business communication processes in the long run.

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CallHippo / What's New in v2.4

1. Internal team calling , call your teammate by dialing extension.
2. Add multiple number while adding contact.
3. Smart switch is now available in app.
4. Performance Improvements.

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