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貓咪庭院物語 1.04
Loading... 貓咪庭院物語 1.04
Loading... 貓咪庭院物語 1.04
Loading... 貓咪庭院物語 1.04
Loading... 貓咪庭院物語 1.04
Loading... 貓咪庭院物語 1.04
Loading... 貓咪庭院物語 1.04

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【獲取珍稀家具 打造特色庭院】
【解鎖後院地圖 種植稀有物品】
【讓小貓出門打工 賺取超多小魚乾】
【深夜探險時間 獲取奇珍異寶】
Cat knocking at the door in the middle of the night? Ah you are the shit shovel officer selected by fate!
A yard with so many weird and cute cats opens a wonderful story for you and the cat owners.
[Many kitty illustrations waiting to be unlocked]
Cute puppet cats Garfield cats fold-ear cats; handsome cowboy cats ninja cats Kung Fu cats; funny refrigerator cats keyboard cats cup cats; mysterious nine-tail cats wizard cats chinchillas... .
All kinds of magical cats are waiting to meet you and complete your own cat friend account.
[Get rare furniture to create a characteristic courtyard]
Cat climbing frame cat paw pad litter box cat litter small fish tank kotatsu. Rich and unique furniture toys waiting for you to collect to create a unique style of cat courtyard.
[Unlock the backyard map to plant rare items]
Bamboo dragonflies small bells air cannons! Cultivate land in the cat’s backyard and build a pool. Remember to pick water diligently plant special ornament seeds and cultivate unique decorations for your cat owners.
[Let the kitten go out to work and earn a lot of dried fish]
Comfort the empty nester go to the concert as a security guard help Mr. Tony with a haircut and go to the construction site to move bricks. Remember to go to Granny Cat to receive a part-time job and earn dried fish and lottery tickets.
[Late night adventure time to get rare treasures]
The night is the home of the cat owners the shabby old streets the deep silent forests the end of the ancient shrines...what kind of wonderful encounters will there be and where will the legendary cats appear? The adventure under the night is always so exciting!
Fan page address: https://www.facebook.com/Cat Garden Story-104686141361097

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