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Mo PTT 9.6.9
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在手機上也能夠瀏覽台灣最大的 BBS 網路社群 PTT!就算沒有 PTT 帳號也能使用!還可在手機上註冊帳號

Mo PTT 提供最直覺的操作介面,讓你在手機上也能夠輕鬆的瀏覽 PTT,出門在外再也不用擔心漏看任何PO文了!遇到好文想推就推,不用再匆匆忙忙趕回家開電腦!

使用最潮流的 Mo PTT,瀏覽最潮流的批踢踢實業坊

支援訪客瀏覽,沒有 PTT 帳號也能開心使用
支援 PTT2 以及安全連線模式
我的最愛新增與移除: 在看板名稱上長按可叫出選單

電腦王阿達 - Mo PTT – 全世界最好的 PTT 行動裝置閱讀 App http://www.kocpc.com.tw/archives/1681

2012華人行動應用大賞 – 應用類最佳應用金獎

有任何疑問都可以到 Mo PTT Facebook粉絲團詢問

[email protected]

合作相關信件請寄送至: [email protected]
On the phone can also browse Taiwan's largest BBS online community PTT! Even without PTT account can be used! Also registered account on the phone

Mo PTT to provide the most intuitive user interface so you can also easily browse on the phone PTT away from home no longer have to worry about missing any PO see the text! Wen want to find a good push on the push do not have to hurry home to open the computer!

Use the most fashionable Mo PTT PTT Bulletin Board System browse the most fashionable Industrial Square
You from the inside out will become the most fashionable villagers!

[Features and Functions]
Intuitive user interface
Visitors browsing support no account can also be fun to use PTT
Black and white background and 10 kinds of theme colors
Support landscape page
Support PTT2 and secure connection mode
My favorite classification groups billboards and hot Digest View
Popular articles allows you to easily focus on the boards and hot topics
Add and remove favorites: on billboards name Long press to call out the menu
Support from top to bottom and from bottom to top order two kinds of articles
Return gesture support: billboards in the list a list of articles and article content can slip right back to the previous page
Support tweets published articles and response letters long tweets automatically help you segment out!
Support feature allows you to edit the article are not afraid of the wrong text at a loss
Push message issued drawings may map with the truth!
Forward article Function: Good Man in the letter forwarded to the station or external mail collection but also slowly aftertaste in the future!
Article content support hyperlinks images and text loaded color display
Immediately share a good article
Kanban can create a shortcut on the desktop easily into the billboards!
Xinwen track Widget allows you to track the new file super easy
After the break browse state auto reply
(open on station notifying function easily lead to errors make discretionary)

[bloggers] recommendation
Computer king Ada - Mo PTT - PTT best in the world of mobile devices to read App http://www.kocpc.com.tw/archives/1681

Chinese Mobile Application Awards 2012 - Best Application Award Application

can have any questions to ask Mo PTT Facebook fans

or directly send Email to me Oh!
[email protected]

Please send correspondence related to the cooperation: [email protected]

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